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My name is Jess Green and I am the owner of Pet Wants Denver. Growing up, I was always surrounded by animals. My “when I grow up” dream was to be a veterinarian so I could help animals have better lives. This love and dedication to their health and happiness has only grown over the years. That is exactly why I decided to open a Pet Wants in Denver, so that I could bring high-quality, fresh pet food to the community. Pets are more than just animals — they are family — and just like humans, they deserve the best diet available consisting of fresh and delicious food. That is what makes Pet Wants special. When you go to the store, it can be overwhelming to choose from dozens of food brands. And how are you to trust the quality of the food beyond the marketing and assumption that the higher the price the better the food? I intend to provide more than just a promise of “fresh, high-quality food,” but to build a community based around education and awareness for what exactly goes into our beloved pets’ bowls. I am proud of the ingredients we use and the benefits they bring to your pet.

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How Pet Wants Got Started

As pet parents know, a pet’s diet is very important. Pet Wants was created in 2010 after the Founder noticed some serious health issues with her beloved pets. Problems began to appear and quickly worsened. Many unsuccessful trips to the veterinarian’s office and several thousands of dollars later, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She discovered the problem was the low nutritional value of the food she was feeding her pets. In simple terms, the pets weren’t getting enough of the right nutrients necessary for a healthy life. As a pet parents who cared deeply about her pet’s welfare, she felt terrible — like she had let down a family member. She was shocked to learn that the nationally recognized premium brand food she trusted for her pets lost most of its nutritional value from sitting too long in warehouses, and on store shelves. She decided there had to be a better way.

Petwants Denver Whats Wrong With Name Brand Food

What's Wrong with Name Brand Foods?

Most commercial pet food is manufactured in large quantities and sent through a series of distribution warehouses before finally making it onto the shelf at your local store, where it can sit possibly for up to 6-8 months before it’s purchased for consumption. Because pet food loses its nutritional value over time, pets which can end up eating a diet that’s low in nutrition which can lead to unnecessary sickness, disease, and even a shortened life.

Petwants Denver How Are Pet Wants Products Different

How Are Pet Wants Products Different?

It’s simple. Freshness is the key to good nutrition. Our proprietary pet food formula has been carefully developed over the years and we deliver to your home to ensure freshness. Your pets will appreciate a healthy, complete and balanced pet food made from fresh, all-natural ingredients. Since our food is slow-cooked to lock in nutrients and is made in frequent, small batches, we deliver the fresh and highly nutritional food to you within weeks, not months, of being made. Our customers appreciate the convenience of our auto-delivery system and understand they can modify their order prior to each delivery. This ensures that the best possible food is delivered when they need it and only how much they need – delivered right to their door – for the same price as most premium commercial pet foods.